Hani H. Saeed, D.P.M.

Living with foot or ankle pain or chronic foot issues can affect a patient’s quality of life. As a leading podiatry expert in Littleton, Colorado, Hani Saeed, DPM, offers innovative and preventive care for patients of all ages. Dr. Saeed welcomes new patients to his practice, Red Rocks Foot & Ankle Center.

Dr. Saeed excelled through his doctor of podiatric medicine program, graduating summa cum laude, from the California College of Podiatric Medicine in San Francisco. During his graduate studies, Dr. Saeed was on the Dean’s list and was a member of Phi Delta National Honor Society. He then went through a surgical residency program at Presbyterian/St. Luke’s Medical Center in Denver.

Because of Dr. Saeed’s extensive background in podiatry and advanced surgical training, he was able to serve on the Colorado Medical Board for two terms. He was the president of the board for the last part of his second term.

Dr. Saeed is known for taking a very conservative approach to treating patients, even when it comes to caring for professional and collegiate athletes. He aims to avoid surgery whenever possible. With his previous medical background, as well as his foot and ankle surgical expertise, Dr. Saeed thinks outside the box when it comes to treating patients with complex issues.

Patients of Dr. Saeed appreciate his caring and compassionate bedside manner. Most patients even refer to him by name, Hani Saeed, rather than calling him doctor. Because of Dr. Saeed’s established expertise in podiatry, patients come from all over the United States to see him for treatment.