Marie F. Avatar
Marie F.
1/27/2023 - Google

Where do I even start… Dr. Saeed is the most amazing doctor I have ever seen for my foot!!! I had a Morton’s neuroma and after about an hour of being on my feet it was unbearable. I had the surgery and here I am just one month later feeling like a whole new person! He has a wonderful bedside manner, is very knowledgeable and one of the kindest doctors I have ever been to. He treats a variety of foot issues, and I would highly, highly recommend him. You definitely won’t regret it!

Robert N. Avatar
Robert N.
1/03/2023 - Google

Helped my toenails that needed to be removed and my planter fasciitis.

Anna H. Avatar
Anna H.
12/23/2022 - Google

i’ve had a long history of ingrown toenails since i was younger. i’ve had a few surgeries to fix them, but nothing successful. i finally went to dr. saeed to have them fixed. let me be clear: dr. saeed is the best podiatrist i have ever met in my life. and i have met many a podiatrist. not only was he extremely gentle, he was incredibly knowledgeable, warm, funny and quick!!! i sent him a thank you card bc he literally changed my life. it has been three years since my surgery. i have since moved out of the country. i was just clipping my toenails and admiring how cute my feet look and i thought, i had better write a review. that dr. saeed was born with a gift and i will shout it from the mountaintops.

MR Avatar
12/03/2022 - Google

I highly recommend Dr. Sullivan, very professional, kind and thorough. He was able to fix years of foot pain, and I can't recommend his services enough.

Richard G. Avatar
Richard G.
11/04/2022 - Google

Dr. Hani Saeed operated on my wife's "bad" foot and it is now her "good" foot. His skills and knowledge are superb.

Jordan W. Avatar
Jordan W.
11/02/2022 - Google

I'm a Team USA athlete and I've represented the USA at multiple World Championships. Last year, I picked up a serious leg injury. All the ortho doctors said my sporting career was over and that intensive surgery was only option. Found Dr. Saeed, underwent EPAT/magnetic treatments, and finished TOP 10 at the Duathlon World Championships, just 8 months later. Dr. Saeed is the real deal!

Helen W. Avatar
Helen W.
10/05/2022 - Google

Had tennis elbow for a year and Dr. Saeed fixed it. He is a miracle worker.

Tincan W. Avatar
Tincan W.
9/28/2022 - Google

Limped in with excruciating pain on my left heel , met with Dr. Saeed and explained that I had recieved a cortisone shot 4 weeks prior however that it did me no good . Dr Saeed won me over with his attentiveness to detail and his demeanor . He discussed options and agreed to do the shot . The very next day It’s as if I never had a problem. I am indebted to Dr Saeeds expertise and practice. Thank you Dr. Saeed !

A B. Avatar
A B.
6/27/2022 - Google

I’ve had plantar fasciitis for close to 5 years and literally tried every treatment under the sun (foot and ankle doctors, steroid injections, PT, acupuncture, dry needling, golf ball, ice, stretching, massages and chiropractic). Nothing worked like the shock wave from Dr Saeed! Six treatments and I zero pain! He’s amazing!!

Robin H. Avatar
Robin H.
6/18/2022 - Google

Dr. Saeed is great to work with! He has helped with orthotics for my shoes and with shockwave therapy.

Zion R. Avatar
Zion R.
6/18/2022 - Google

Dr. Saeed has helped me a lot with my recovery process from a stress fracture in my foot. His treatments have increased my mobility and helped reduce swelling and overall pain. Very nice person as well! Can’t wait to keep working with you.

Holly B. Avatar
Holly B.
5/18/2022 - Google

We love Dr. Saeed!! My daughter is a level 10 gymnast who suffered a Lisfranc injury (broken bone and 3 torn ligaments) after landing short on a vault. Another doctor repaired her foot surgically, but it still wasn’t working correctly. Dr. Saeed is a master at shockwave therapy and it saved Ellie’s gymnastics career. She came out of her first session and couldn’t believe it, “It feels like my old foot. I was trying to figure out what other sport I could do.” Ellie has since committed to the United States Air Force Academy for gymnastics. Dr. Saeed also saved the day this last week when she rolled her ankle just before National Championships. He made going to Nationals possible and she won 6th on bars. Dr. Saeed is the kindest, most jovial man you’ll ever meet and we’re so grateful for him!!

Melissa T. Avatar
Melissa T.
4/30/2022 - Google

I was referred to Red Rocks Foot and Ankle Center and when I called they were able to get me in right away with Dr. Saeed. I had been dealing with plantar fasciitis for several month and right away Dr. Saeed explained why I was not recovering, recommended shock wave therapy and after 1 treatment I had major relief! He is very personable and knowledgeable!

Clay T. Avatar
Clay T.
3/22/2022 - Google

Dr. Saeed is fantastic! He conducted hammer toe surgery on each of my feet, and he completely relieved my pain and discomfort.

Fajun C. Avatar
Fajun C.
12/21/2021 - Google

Dr. Saeed is the absolute expert on foot and ankle treatment. I had seen many other foot doctors and none of them can treat my foot injury several years ago. Dr. Saeed came to rescue. I was able to walk normally after his magical shock wave treatment. My coworker had the same magical experience. Fast forwarding to this year. My kid had foot pain during exercise. We went right back to Dr. Saeed and the pain disappeared after his treatment. Dr. Saeed is the best!

Danielle D. Avatar
Danielle D.
9/04/2021 - Google

Had bunion surgery on both feet with doctor Saeed. The first one was in February 2021 and the other just a week ago in August 2021. Both fantastic experiences, would recommend him for anyone with foot issues!

anna c. Avatar
anna c.
8/16/2021 - Google

i had a wonderful experience with Dr. Saeed and shockwave therapy! after two foot surgeries i thought i was out of options, but now my range of motion is back and i'm pain free.

Maya K. Avatar
Maya K.
8/01/2021 - Google

Dr. Saeed is the best! I came in after a frustrating year of ankle pain and after going through many doctors, MRIs, various treatments, etc he was able to diagnose and fix the problem that appointment! In addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, he is kind, dedicated, professional, and his office staff make scheduling a breeze. Thank you so much Dr. Saeed!! I would recommend to ANYONE!

Dean K. Avatar
Dean K.
7/06/2021 - Google

They were great for my first time. They were kind and thorough.

stephany m. Avatar
stephany m.
7/04/2021 - Google

Dr. Saeed treats my son and has relieved his heel and ankle pain and inflammation quickly. We are very confident in the care and are thankful that a friend referred us to Dr. Saeed. Great organized staff and office. Great communication. 5 out of 5 stars